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Top Alzheimer's/Caregiving Sites - March 2001

Caregiver's Army
1st Place - March 2001
The Alzheimer's Disease Caregiver's Army, founded September 1999, has
launched a worldwide petition drive in support of finding a cure for
Alzheimer's Disease and for helping caregivers. Their goal is to
collect a million signatures, and several months ago spokesperson,
Carolyn Haynali, presented the first 20,000 signatures in Washington
DC. The Army has an impressively professional Web site, providing
Alzheimer's information, statistics about this disease, and featuring
photos of Carolyn meeting Congressmen. The Army mailing list/support
group which can be subscribed to at
Hearing Carolyn interviewed on the Don & Carla Show a few months ago,
I must say I was impressed, and I can't think of a better
spokesperson. For her husband, Chuck, who has Alzheimer's, and for
caregivers and patients everywhere, Carolyn and the Caregiver's Army
are busy fighting this disease that has so affected all our lives.

Simple Pleasures
by Peter Smith
Webmaster: Marsha Penington
2nd Place - March 2001
Peter was diagnosed with frontal lobe dementia at age 48. Marsha
Penington (aka Tay Austin) has provided space for his journal at her
Alzheimer's Outreach, and she, as usual, has done a beautiful job at
designing this site. Peter's journal is a combines his poetry and
thoughts about his illness since February 2000. His first entry for
February 15, 2000 is a poem beginning with "I now understand my
illness and have come to embrace it!" In spite of having to retire
from ninteen years with his Company, as he tells us in his second
journal entry, Peter's positive attitude is seen throughout his
writings. In one his April 2000 entries he said "Nothing in this
life of ours lasts forever, so I have come too enjoy each day in my
life! ... Now when I wake up in the morning I do not care if its
raining, snowing, or sunny outside, each day is one too enjoy!" This
is a wonderful attitude for anyone dealing with Alzheimer's or other
memory loss/dementia, and for caregivers as well, to live day by day
enjoying the "Simple Pleasures" life offers us.

Mary's Place
3rd Place - March 2001
Mary Lockhart has early-onset Alzheimer's. Before she was diagnosed,
she had managed a licensed day care for infants for fifteen years.
She misses the babies she cared for, but she has three little dogs
which she enjoys, as well as having an acquarium, and feeding birds
and squirrels. She is doing a wonderful job telling her story on her
home page, Mary's Place, where she shares her daily journal, family
photos, memories from her childhood, links to other sites, and a
chats for other patients like herself. Mary says "This is a very
lonely disease. If I can help one person with my page it will all be
worth it." Through the Internet, Mary has found friends, and she is
indeed helping others, being very active in several chats. It is a
joy to watch Mary's page develop, as she adds new and very creative
pages, incorporating beautiful backgrounds, graphics, and java. I
couldn't help but notice an entry in her guestbook, from her daughter
I think, about Mary having a way of turning lemons into lemonade, and
I think that's a wonderful way to deal with the Alzheimer's journey,
as well as caregiving and any of the losses that life brings us.

The Ribbon
4th Place - March 2001
The Ribbon Newsletter, the inspiration for this Web site, began in
January 1998, with the mission of providing information and support
for caregivers dealing with Alzheimer's and dementia. The teal
colored ribbon was chosen to help raise an awareness of AD and
symbolizes the connection of caregivers in their fight against this
illness. The Ribbon is a Suite 101 Four-Star Rated Site, has been an
Empowering Caregivers Site of the Month, and the newsletter was
awarded People's Connection Newsletter of the Week by America Online.

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