Some Internet Respite
"What a Wonderful World"

For a change of pace, visit a site I've created in the past few months, A Place for the Humanities, where you'll find American Literature, American Poetry, Appalachian Literature, Music and Art links and more. Some of these pages began as class projects, but I had you caregivers in mind, knowing they would be good respite for you.

Most recently, I've begun a page for my new cat, Midi. This may seem silly to many of you, but you may enjoy it, especially if you're a cat lover.

Also, back at this site, listen to some Music, send someone a Greeting, and get some HTML Help for your home page.

Enjoy the following wonderful pages, full of art, animation, photographs, and music, and get to know some special and very talented people. I found these people soon after I began my site eight years ago. They are wonderful people, and their sites keep getting better and better:

  • Cia's Artmaker Studio Visit a beautiful site by an artist at Auburn University. Cia's watercolors are beautiful, and she made one of the first awards my page received--the beautiful little fairy, Rosamund.

  • Down on the Farm With Granny Granny really makes you feel at home when you visit her place. There's something to see in every room. A wonderful site!

  • John's Omega Connection John is always doing something new and special at his site. Don't miss his Concert in the Park!

  • Don Carroll's Midi-Riff-Bulge Don has some of the best midi music anywhere on the net. Most of the music on my pages comes from his site.

  • Kitty's Page Works A wonderfully animated page from the creator of the cat shown here and the rose that I've used on my pages.

  • The Northup's Family Homepage The biggest and best family homepage I've seen.

  • Terry Gould's Distant Wings A wonderful page--a tour filled with art, animation, poetry, and music, led by "Hawk".

  • Gramps' Place Gramps has lots for you to see hers--there are animated gifs galore--the little girl juggling the ball, the flowers, bumblebee, and butterfly are just a few of many to enjoy at Gramps'.

  • Old Jim's What a site full of animations!--even some that are full-screen. Be sure to see the "Message from da boys in da band" as well as his Christmas pages. The little horse near the top of this page came from Old Jim's Place.

  • Poems, Pleasures, and Promises The Rhymster, E. Fay Dyer-Austin, shares poetry, sunflowers, and photos of Paris at this wonderful site which has become one of the most awarded sites on the Web.

  • Debbie's Welcome to My Web World What a relaxing site to visit. Debbie, a fellow Alabamian, invites you to sit on her porch, try the swing or the rocking chair, and enjoy the view. She shares family photographs, her hobbie of collecting angels, and a beautiful page of Favorite Things, where you can see wonderful picture of snow in Alabama as well as some fantastic garden views and wildlife, too!

  • HeeYun's Music Cafe Hee Yun, who lives in South Korea, invites you to have a cup of coffee and listen to some relaxing music at her Music Cafe. Doesn't that sound good? You can even download midi files in zip format and have a collection to listen to later.

Cat, Boy fishing, and Bird bath © Kitty - - Music from Don Carroll's Midi-Riff-Bulge - Girl with ball, flowers, and bumblebee from Gramp's Ani-Gifs Galore and More - Hummingbird is © by Kristy Shanks of Kweb Design - Horse is from Old Jim's Place - Text graphics from Big Nose Bird

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This page began about January 1997 and was updated last on July 31, 1998
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