Tell Your Story


HTML is so much easier to learn than most people think. The hardest part for most people, it seems, is having something to say. If you are or have been an Alzheimer's caregiver, you don't have to worry about that--you've got a story. You can get started telling it right away with just basic HTML and learn as you go. If you click on your browser's "View" and "Source", you should be able to see the HTML code for most any page, and that's a good way to learn. The following links will give you some instructions that will help, too. There's many more if you want to search the net, but these will help get you started.

2024 Update: So much has changed since I started this Web site in 1996, but a lot about basic HTML coding is still the same. Yes, you can view the source of a simple site like mine, but the coding on most professional Web sites out there will probably leave you scratching your head these days. Look at the source code of mine, and use the tutorials. Of course, there are free sites that do all or most of the work for you. And there are HTML editors, and WORD of course, but I have found those destroyed what I was trying to do most of the time, added extra coding that messed up my pages and took hours of extra work to try to correct. So I still, in 2024, open up Note Pad and do my own coding.