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Some people may wonder how I can tell this story--how can I tell all of these personal things? If I really loved my mother, how can I tell bad things about her?

It wasn't my mother when bad things happened. It was the disease--Alzheimer's. In the good times I saw glimpses of my mother, as she really was before Alzheimer's started taking her from us, and I cherish those moments. While I was taking care of her, it was so helpful to me to read biographies and personal stories, some even in the form of journals, by Alzheimer's caregivers. I want to help others the way those authors helped me. So then, how can I not tell this story?

It took me a year of reading through my scribbled notebooks and typing the journal here. There were times when I just couldn't get myself to do it--when the memories were too painful. But finally I have completed it. Here is the story of my year with my mother:

My Journal:

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