Thank you so much to all of the people who gave my page these wonderful reviews:

"In late 1994, Brenda Parris made the decision to quit graduate school and take care of her mother, who had Alzheimer's Disease. She does a magnificent job in capturing what this spiritual and emotional journey is like for all involved at her site A Year to Remember... with My Mother and Alzheimer's Disease. Beyond that, she provides a great range of informational links and support resources for others coping with this disease. This is the one award I feel the most honored to bestow, as it's about more than generosity and knowledge--it's about personal strength and goodness that nearly run off the human scale. My deepest respects to two great human beings--Brenda and her mother." -- Doe Walking's Community Award, September 22, 1997

" Within these pages you will find beautiful original poetry which Brenda wrote, Alzheimer's Resources, chat areas and much more. The award was given to Brenda because of all her hard work and dedication that she put forth for Alzheimer's Disease and, of course, her obvious dedication that she had to her Mom. I can only imagine how this disease affected her and her family. I, myself, understand a little of what she has gone thru. You see, I worked in nursing homes giving direct patient care to patients that were affected by Alzheimer's Disease and witnessed how much the patients families suffered also. I also worked in the Administrative side of nursing homes and know how important it is for the families to have and be given support. Thank you Brenda for making people more aware of this disease and how it ffects patients and their families." --Cindy for Friendship and Love Humanitarian Award, July 16, 1997.

"A touching page with a lot of Alzheimer's resources, personal stories, and much more. The links may be difficult to read, though, because of the color choices made."-- Self-Help and Psychology Magazine, July 1997.

"We all watch the stories on the news or read the articles, but until someone you know is afflicted with a disease, you never really understand. Brenda Parris knows this, because she took care of her mother who had Alzheimer's Disease. Brenda memorializes her mother and makes the disease a lot more personal in her autobiographical A Year to Remember...With My Mother and Alzheimer's Disease. She believes that knowledge is essential to understanding the impact of the disease, as well as for "being a good caregiver" (since so many of us either know someone with Alzheimer's or are at risk ourselves). Not only does this site pay tribute to Jessie Lee Parris (1916-1996) through a Photograph Album, Reflections, some Poetry, and a Journal, but Brenda also provides pointers for anyone in a situation similar to hers. This means a wealth of links to Caregiver Resources, Alzheimer's Research, Alzheimer's in the News, Other Personal Homepages, Alzheimer's Association Chapters, and Alzheimer's Organizations Worldwide. And that's just the beginning, because there are also Book Reviews, a link to the Alzheimer's Research Brace Art Gallery, a Bibliography & Filmography, and much, much more. Have you guessed yet that Brenda is a librarian? Even if she wasn't, though, this would still be one of the most heartfelt and personal sites I've come across yet."--Jenny Cyber Library to the Stars for Librarian's Site de Jour, June 20, 1997

"This site was constructed by Brenda Parris in memory of her mother, Jessie Lee Parris, who died in April 1996 after suffering Alzheimer's disease for two years. Brenda quit graduate school in 1994, after her mother's diagnosis, and returned to Alabama to care for her. She was her mothers primary caregiver for more than a year, until Jessie Lee had to be moved to a nursing home. The site contains poignant recollections: Brenda's caregiving journal, her poetry, her mother's story, and family photos. If you're a caregiver, you're sure to identify with the information here--and draw emotional strength from it. This site also contains links to a dozen other Alzheimer's sites, including 17 other personal Alzheimer's home pages." --www.alzheimers.com Web Site Reviews

"It has taken many many people. This includes a mother of a beautiful person. This lady, Brenda, has created and maintained one of the most heartwarming, beautiful and lovely sites I've ever seen. It's dedicated in memory of her mother. Brenda went through a lot in the last years of her mother's life. I read about the day-to-day struggle with normal, everyday things, such as getting dressed, showering, etc. How much things changed for Brenda upon learning of her mother's disease. Brenda's site truly keeps her mother's spirit alive."--Jen for her Places in My Heart

"This is a page about Alzheimer's disease, from a daughters (whose mother suffered from the disease) perspective. Very good links to Alzheimer's resources on the web. If you know someone or are just want to know more about this disease, then this is a must see web site!"-- Bill's Pick of the Week, April 13, 1997.

"If you have parents who are retired or getting long in tooth, this is a page you must access. They used to call it senility but today the word is Alzheimer. In a tender and quiet way, this young lady has captured the tragedy and shared misery of this dreaded disease. She presents her journal. An act of bravery in itself and I commend her pull at my heartstrings. The poems are engaging and the page design strikes just the right note. Go here if you wish to hear about life and its many pitfalls. An exceptional page and one we all should use to better understand what this thing Alzheimer is all about...."-- White Wolf Award, April 8, 1997.

"... an extra special site devoted to Alzheimer's. Brenda Parris' site, A Year to Remember, is a moving tribute to Brenda's mother's life, especially the year that Brenda took care of her mother as her Alzheimer's worsened. You can follow Brenda's thoughts and struggles through her photos, poetry and journal entries. In addition, she has a large amount of Alzheimers links, news groups, mailing lists, and book reviews. In addition, the site is beautifully designed, and very easy to navigate. Brenda even includes web design tips. This site is extremely inspirational and moving."-- Tapestry's Gerontology Site of the Day, March 12, 1997.

"One of the purposes of the Internet, in my humble opinion, is to be a resource for information. Sometimes the resource is exciting and fun, sometimes it is dull and boring, and sometimes it is sobering and serious. Today's site is in a category all by itself. It is a site that a child has dedicated to her mother, in an effort to help increase awareness for a disease that is not fully understood. That disease is called Alzheimer's Disease. This is a site that is crafted with love, the love of a child for a parent. It is through this love that she opens her life and relates what it was like caring for someone who suffered from this illness. In opening her life to any cyber-visitors and dealing with what she went through, she also makes them (and us) aware of what resources are available. To anyone who could be going through a similar situation, or may be facing one in the near future, this is an invaluable resource. While the subject matter of this site is serious, it is presented in a way that is entertaining and cheerful. It is a fact that Alzheimer's Disease is a part of our daily life, but by reading and exploring this site, a visitor finds that it can be dealt with. There is a real feeling of family and love on this page. I hope you enjoy visiting it."--Rich Cunningham for
WorldVillage Family Site of the Day
March 11, 1997.

"Share the joy and pain with Brenda as she shares her personal story of her relationship with her mother while providing links to sites that can help you understand Alzheimers."--One Key, January 11, 1997.

"Brenda Parris' deeply moving site is highly impressive, personal, and valuable. Besides her own journal, story, and poetry, Brenda offers us an excellent collection of links about Alzheimer's disease."--Gloriana for Class Act Award, January 4, 1997.

"Brenda Parris has done a wonderful site as not only a tribute to her mother who suffered from Alzheimer's Disease, but provides support and links for others whose family and friends confront this disease. This site is not only inspirational, but useful. Thanks Brenda!"--Lori for Halo Page Award, January 2, 1997.

"This site is one of those that truly defies a standardized rating system, as it is, primarily, a heartfelt and touching memorial to a woman who had Alzheimer's disease. Brenda Parris has offered to the world the story of her mother's final year of life, accompanied by numerous poems, journal excerpts, and photos. Also included is a vast array of links to other Alzheimer's resources and related pages on the Web. Ms. Parris has performed a coureous and valuable service in sharing her experiences here."--The Net, January 1997 issue.

"This is one of the most personal homepages I have ever seen. Brenda's site focuses on one main thing - The year she spent taking care of her mother who was suffering from Alzheimer's Disease. This site is very informative and includes a lot of links to sites with support and knowledge about this disease. All that aside, though, I must say, it is the personal feelings of the weblady herself that touched me. I had to get out my box of Kleenex for one thing. And as I read through her journal I couldn't help but feel for her. The way she always looked out for her mother, when her mother had no idea who her daughter was. This site is something EVERYONE should see. I have never been so touched by a website in my life." --Jen for The Net's Best Bet Award, December 30, 1996.

"This beautifully done home page by Brenda Parris...is eye catching as well as very informative. You can even listen to music at this site."--Barbara at BJB Services, December, 1996.

"Brenda, your courage and compassion have spilled out onto every page of this site. A virtual wealth of information, inspiration and encouragement can be found on this site regarding Alzheimer's Disease! Cudos to you, hon... and thank you for taking the time to create these pages!"--Windy for Windy's A-Okay Award,December 5, 1996.

"This is a very touching page, and a wonderful tribute to her mother, I am sure she is up there very proud of her and this page done in her memory has tons of informative information on Alzheimer's, my grandmother has Alzheimer's and I am glad to have this page for helpful links for my family..."--Dawn for her Health Related Links

"This is a labor of love. Brenda Parris quit grad school to take care of her mom, who had Alzheimer's Disease. She offers to share what she learned." --USA Today, November 28, 1996.

"Brenda Parris has documented her last year with her mother, who was suffering with Alzheimer's Disease. It is a wonderful testament to a loving daughter and her wonderful mother. I highly recommend this site."--Gary for Pride of the Heartland Award, November 21, 1996.

"A site dedicated from a daughter who cared for her mother with Alzheimer's. Tons of links for info about Alzheimers. Very touching site!"--Robin for The Most Beautiful Site of the Month, November 12, 1996

"This is an intensely moving site, both educational and personal. Includes a comprehensive list of links related to the disease."--Haemi for the Silver Web Award, September 17, 1996.

"A touching look at how this devastating disease affected one family. It includes some excellent Alzheimer's disease source links." --WWWorld Ribbon Award, September 14, 1996.

"Brenda Parris shares with all-- A Year to Remember with My Mother and Alzheimer's Disease. Go and share."-- Seven Wonders Personal Site of the Day, September 8, 1996.

"This is a one-stop resource for caregivers: with links to all of the best Alzheimer's Disease resources, even including poetry and art by Alzheimers caregivers; tells how to subscribe to two Alzheimer's listservs; and includes an extensive bibliography on the subject. The author shares personal experiences in caregiving through poetry, photographs, and journal entries."-- Netgiver Award, September 6, 1996.

"A Year to Remember... with my mother and Alzheimer's disease. The title of the page says it all. This extremely well done page will prove most helpful for anyone taking care of an elder person at home. It contains a wealth of links on the subject. Not to be missed is a section called 'Alzheimer's Poetry and Art'. For a look at some of the best art on the Net, visit the Alzheimer's Research Brace Art Gallery. A most deserving page indeed."--John at Omega Connection for Latest Jewels, August 25,1996.

"A very tastfully done page about Alzheimer's Disease rich with links to many on-line help sites for families dealing with this heart breaking disease. Hands down, our favorite."--HiWAAY Information Services, my internet service provider, for 1996 Best of HiWAAY Award, August 24, 1996.

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