"What a Wonderful World"

Come Spring

Things will be better come Spring I know
when all the world is abloom.
Our walks will be long and frequent then
when the garden comes alive and the birds sing a tune.
The garden spot I'm planning there will be
your favorite place, just wait and see.
No more days of sitting in the house;
You and I will be out all the time.
You can walk through the garden or sit on the bench,
and I'll work in the soil, the pleasure's mine.
With flowers abloom all around you,
you'll feel better then.
We will picnic in the garden
on fresh vegetables we've grown;
It will all be more pleasant
than anything you've known.
Yes, though now in the dead of winter,
all will be well come Spring
when the vegetables grow in the garden
and the birds gather round the flowers to sing.

--November 1994
Copyright © 1994-2024 Brenda S. Parris

Mother on bench in garden

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