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          My Journal, August-October 1994
          My Journal, November 1994
          My Journal, December 1994
          My Journal, January 1994
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          My Journal, March 1995
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     My Poetry
          It's Me
          Come Spring
          Waiting for the Morning
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          Photo Album, 1934-1957
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          Thumbnails of Photos at this Site
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     Reflections: Looking Back Now     
          Reminded by a Dream (January 5, 1997)
          Snow and Old Movies (January 10, 1997)
          My Mother's Birthday (April 6, 1997)
          One Year Later (April 23, 1997)
               Letter to My Mother One Year Later
          Mother's Day (May 11, 1997)
          At the Beach (June 18, 1997)
          What I Wish (July 19, 1997)
          Paradise (October 30, 1997)
          Christmas Past (December 6, 1997)
          I'll Remember (March 2, 1998)
          Sing to Me, Mama (April 23, 1998--2 Years after Her Death)
          Singing Trees (April 9, 1998--for Mother's Day 1998)
	  Mama's Quilts (October 1998)
          Out That Door (New Year's 1999)
          Little Girl Again (November 2000)

     Caregivers Resources
     Research Links

     Other Personal Homepages
     Alzheimer's Association Chapters
          Alabama and Local Huntsville Resources
                Memory Walk 1998 Pictures
                Caregiver's Conference - Sept. 20, 1997
		Notes from Caregivers Conference 1997
     Alzheimer's Organizations Worldwide
     Seniors Sites and Aging Resources

     Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month Prayer
     Ode to Alzheimer's Victims

     Alzheimer's Poetry & Art
     Contributed Poetry
                The Fabric of Her Mind by Steven C. Stoker
                My Sonnet to Bruce by Mary Bloomer
                Yes, I'll Cry by Jerry Ham
                She's Still My Mother by Jerry Ham
                A Passing of Memory by Jerry Ham
                My Dear, I Love You by Jerry Ham
                The Prison of the Mind by Jerry Ham
                The Promise of Easter by Jerry Ham
                Secret of the Seashells by Lisa
                As She Sits  by Stacey Cirillo
                Alzheimer's Tiptoed in and Carried You Away by William Smiley
                My Caregiving Friend by Tim Brennan
                A Very Good Day by Tim Brennan
                Once by Krista Cunningham
                Satan and My Mother by Hugh MacDonald
                The Kitchen on McGill Ave. by Hugh MacDonald
                Losing it All by Hugh MacDonald
                Dark Watchers Waiting by Hugh MacDonald
                Shifting Sands by Hugh MacDonald
                Facing Edna by Hugh MacDonald
                Going Up? by Hugh MacDonald
                The Power of Touch by Hugh MacDonald
                I'm Me by Dorothy Womack
                Watching by Dorothy Womack
                A Light On in the Window by Dorothy Womack
                Most of All by Dorothy Womack
                The Long Goodbye by Ellen Miller
                Untitled by David Bone
                The Fight by Brenda Race
                Where are the Clowns by Brenda Race
                Be Gentle with Those in Your Care by Brenda Race
                Walk Softly by Brenda Race
                Where Are They??? by Brenda Race
                Tell Me Please by Brenda Race
                Going Home by Brenda Race
                Would I Do It All Over Again? by Brenda Race
                Dear Dad by Julie Western-Zuge
                The Man We All Love by Julie Western-Zuge
                We Watched Him by Julie Western-Zuge
                A Change of Dress by Doug Thompson
                Come Walk with Me by Doug Thompson
                Eyes of Love by Doug Thompson
                Untitled by Carol Dix
                The Empty Face by Carolyn Haynali
                Alzheimer's Patient's Prayer by Carolyn Haynali
                Corner of My World by Carolyn Haynali
                Alzheimer's by Kelly Cherry
                The Man I Didn't Know by Mike McGough
                To My Mother by John Gilson
                Untitled by Karen N. Rhodes
                Letting Go by Judith Scott
                Storm Damage by Judith Scott
                My Dad by Marge Everett
                I Will Always Remember by Hank the Bard
                Each Day Goes By by Brenda D. Arnold
                A Thief in the Night by Nancy Allen
                Say My Name by Nancy Allen
                The Alzheimer Angel, by Steven C. Stoker
                Grandma Doesn't Know Me Anymore by Lianne Skill
                That Old Man I Used to Know by Kelly Cherry
                The Christmas Wolf by Julie Therese Christopher
      Inspirational Poetry
                Angels Wings by Dorothy Womack
                Every Single Tear by Dorothy Womack
                Glowing by Dorothy Womack
                My Visit by Simeon Allen
                The Promise of Easter by Jerry Ham
                Release by Dorothy Womack
                Roses are Blooming by Dorothy Womack

      Articles, Essays, and Stories
                Helping the Helpers: Alzheimer's Caregivers no longer alone by Peggy Eastman
                That Which Remains by Peggy Eastman
                Altered Perceptions by Dorothy Womack
                Caregiver Guilt by Dorothy Womack
                Coping with the Holidays as a Caregiver by Brenda Race
                Picking up the Pieces by Dorothy Womack
                Coping with Grief by Dorothy Womack
                Altered Perceptions by Dorothy Womack
                Depression in the Caregiver by Dorothy Womack
                Isolation by Dorothy Womack
                Losing the Battle by Dorothy Womack
                Loneliness by Dorothy Womack
                Flashbacks by Dorothy Womack
                Forgiveness by Dorothy WomackA
                Mountains by Dorothy Womack
                Just Juices by Dorothy Womack
                That Old Man I Used to Know by Kelly Cherry
                A Fate Worse Than Death by Alan W. Goodson
                The Alzheimer Angel by Steven C. Stoker
                Remembering My Mother Online by Brenda S. Parris
                My Year to Remember with My Mother and Alzheimer's by Brenda S. Parris
                Please Remember Me: Early-Onset Alzheimer's Disease Patients on the Internet by Brenda S. Parris
                Decatur Daily article/interview with Brenda S. Parris
      Alzheimer's Bibliographies
                Books about Alzheimer's and Caregiving
                Biographies and Personal Stories
                Books for Children and Teenagers
                         All the Sunsets of Miss Olivia Wiggins, a reading, from the book by Lester Laminack
                Periodicals (Online, too)
                Alzheimer's Filmography     
                         The Notebook, trailer, based on the book by Nicholas Sparks
      Alzheimer's Book Reviews

      Caregiver Information and Coping Aids
                The Ten Warning Signs
                Caregiver's Bill of Rights
                Alzheimer's Association Safe Return
                Steps go Understanding Challenging Behaviors
                Giving up the Car Keys
                Caregiver's Conference Sept. 1997
      My Walk to End Alzheimer's, 1998-2023
               Memory Walk 1998, Huntsville, AL
               Memory Walk 2000, Huntsville, AL
               Memory Walk 2007, Huntsville, AL My pre-walk video
               Walk to End Alzheimer's 2012-2014, Decatur, AL
               Walk to End Alzheimer's 2015-2018, Decatur, AL
               Walk to End Alzheimer's 2019-2023, Huntsville, AL
               Walk to End Alzheimer's 2024, will be in October in Huntsville, AL

      Other Dementias & Related Diseases
      Seniors Sites & Aging Resources
      Grief Resources & Memorial Sites
           Take Comfort
                 The Serenity Prayer
                 Twenty-Third Psalm
                 The Lord's Prayer
                 The Prayer of St. Francis
                 Footprints in the Sand Includes a photo of my mother at the beach
                 I Believe (Apostle's Creed, Confession, Doxology)
                 A Song in the Night
      HTML Help

      Remembering to Care Award
          1999 Winners
          1998 Winners

      Links about Other Diseases
      Just a Bit About Me
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           Sept.-Oct. 1996
      Holiday Greetings
           Christmas Card, 1996
           New Year's Card - 1997
           Mother's Day - 1997
           Fourth of July Card - 1997
           Christmas Poem - 1997
           New Year's Card - 1998   
           New Year's Card - 1999
           Mother's Day - 1998 
      More Photos
           A Picture of My Parents
           A Picture of My Mother as a Little Girl
      Family Memorials
           Ulysses S. Parris (my dad)
           Myrtle Lee Parris Allen (my sister)
           William Esby Parris (my brother)
           Robert Alvin Parris (my brother)
      My Genealogy
           My Family Tree
           My Pedigree Chart  

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