Remembering to Care Award

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In April 2000, during the month of my mother's birthday and the 4th anniversary of her death, I want to try to catch up on several months I've fallen behind in giving this award. First I would like to present it to Dorothy Womack. Many of you have enjoyed Dorothy's poetry at her Reflections at Marsha's Alzheimer's Outreach, at A Window on My Mind, and here in Alzheimer's Contributed Poetry at this site. You can also read the book of her experience as her mother's caregiver through her book Passage Into Paradise and her poetry at Crowning Touches and Alzheimer Angels-- her own web sites. Dorothy also writes for Caregiving Today, and her articles are posted at this site as well in Alzheimer's Articles. A busy lady on the Internet, Dorothy also has led various online support groups in the form of discussion lists and chats, helping caregivers and former caregivers to develop spiritually as well as to learn more about Alzheimer's and caregiving. Thank you, Dorothy, so much for all you do!


Brenda Race's poetry has been enjoyed by many at her Insights at Alzheimer's Outreach, as well as here in the Contributed Poetry, A Window on My Mind, and at in The Poetry Works of Brenda Race at Nancy's Caregiver's Haven, and now she is also sharing them at Poems, Prayers, and Promises, her wonderful new site. Brenda cared for her mother at home until she was placed a nursing home in Dec. 1998, and then in December 1999, her mother passed away. Brenda is a talented writer who continues to share her experiences and to touch others through her beautiful poetry and through articles in Caregiving Today, which are also shared at this site as well in Alzheimer's Articles. I'm presenting this award to Brenda on April 23, 2000, the four year anniversary of my mother's death. Thank you so much, Brenda, for remembering to care.


Mary has early-onset Alzheimer's, diagnosed two years ago. She is better on Aricept and is doing a wonderful job telling her story on her home page, Mary's Place, where she shares her daily journal, family photos, links to other sites, and a chat room for other patients like herself. Mary says "This is a very lonely disease. If I can help one person with my page it will all be worth it." Thank you, Mary, for caring so much and for sharing your life with us all.

Rose © Kitty
Background and award graphic © Brenda S. Parris

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