Filmography: Videos on Alzheimer's and Caregiving


Alzheimer's: a Practical Guide for Sitters. Dementia Education and Training Program, Alabama Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation, 1995. 2 videocassettes (28 min.) Summary: v.1. Alzheimer's disease kills the brains of millions of Americans. Most Alzheimer's care is provided at home by families. The Alzheimer's patient requires 24 hours a day and 7 days a week care. The Alzheimer's sitter is very important in helping families care for Alzheimer's patients. All home sitters should understand the information contained in this tape, which helps them understand the Alzheimer's patient and makes their jobs easier. v. 2. This tape explains what Alzheimer's disease does to family caregivers. Alzheimer's disease destroys the brain of the patient and consumes the health, spirit, and financial resources of the caregiver. This tape contains valuable information about family stress and Alzheimer's disease and helps the sitter provide better care for both the patient and the family.

Alzheimer's: A Practical Guide to Community Resources. Produced by Dementia Education & Training Program. Montgomery: Alabama Dept. of Mental Health & Mental Retardation, 1994. (60 min.) Summary: Alzheimer's Disease is the most common cause of dementia with the loss of multiple intellectual functions, such as short-term memory, understanding speech and remembering faces. Alzheimer's victims can show personality changes and unusual behavior. Most dementia patents are cared for at home by the family and will eventually require around the clock suprvision. The program focuses on those family caregivers and Alabama health care workers with the goal of explaining (1) the basic causes of Alzheimer's Disease, (2) common symptoms and behavioral problems, and (3) practical approaches to patient care using community resources.

Alzheimer's: A Practical Guide to Pastoral Care. Produced by Dementia Education & Training Program. Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Center for Public Education, 1995. 2 videocassettes (52 min.) Summary: v. 1. Alzheimer's Disease afflicts 10% of elders, causing intellectual loss and behavioral abnormalities. Both the patient and family caregiver benefit from pastoral support, such as education, understanding and compassion. Informed pastors and supportive congregations can help Alzheimer victims remain in their homes with dignity, respect and quality of life. This non-denominational tape defines key issues for Alzheimer's pastoral cae and underscores the rewards of this dedication. v. 2. The spiritual community is a powerful friend to older citizens. Pastors and congregations minister to many elders with Alzheimer's disease and their family caregivers. This program explains dementia from the perspective of pastors, patients, family caregivers and professionals. This information helps pastors and congregations console the victims of dementia and sustain family caregivers in their mission of caring. Pastors and family members share practical ways to help these individuals. This program helps pastors and congregtions find the special joy of ministering to humans who are stripped of their brain and mind but not of their soul.

Alzheimer's Disease Lebanon, NH: Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. (The Doctor is In Series) (28 min.)

Alzheimer's Disease: How Families Cope. A production of Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. Princeton, N.J.: Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 1997. (28 min.) Summary: In this program, families who are caregivers provide practical information on how to manage the home care of a loved one who Alzheimer's.

Alzheimer's Disease: at Time of Diagnosis. New York: Time Life Medical, 1996. (30 min.) ISBN: 1575770016 C. Everett Koop, medical director; Mike Schneider, host. Contents: Understanding the diagnosis -- What happens next? -- Treatment & management -- Issues & answers.

Alzheimer's Disease: the Family Conference. Washington, D.C.: Veteran's Administration, 1989. (19 min.)

Alzheimer's Disease: the Journey Within. by Arlo Grafton and S Grafton, Arlo. ; Martin, Sue. (View from the inside series) Omaha, NE: Envision Communications, 1995. (20 min.)
Summary: takes the view through a daughter's deepest feelings as she watches her mother go through the beginning stages of alzheimer's disease. Using a joural written over a 12-month period, the daughter expresses her feelings of denial, shock, anger, and finally acceptance ... and through that acceptance, experiences a profound change in herself.

Alzheimer's: Effects on Patients and their Families. Princeton, N.J.: Films for the Humanities, 1991. (19 min.)

Alzheimer's disease family education videotape series. Des Moines: Iowa Department of Elder Affairs, 1987. 4 videocassettes (127 min.) Contents: 1. The stages of Alzheimer's disease: implications for the family -- 2. Financial and legal issues for family caregivers -- 3. Caring for the caregiver I : strategies for stress and guilt management -- 4. Dependent adult abuse: responsibilities and avenues for assistance.

Alzheimer's Disease: the Long Nightmare.Princeton, N.J.: Films for the Humanities, 1987. (19 min.)

Alzheimer's Disease: Managing the Later Stages in the Home. Washington, D.C.: Veteran's Administration, 1989. (15 min.)

Alzheimer's Disease: Stolen Tomorrows. Van Nuys, CA: AIMS Media, 1988. (26 min.)

Alzheimer's Disease: You Are Not Alone. Park Ridge, IL : Retirement Research Foundation, 1984.. (28 min.) Summary: Shows how Alzheimer's disease affects both its victims and their families and shows some of the help available.

Alzheimer's 101: the Basis for Caregiving. South Carolina Commision on Aging; South Carolina Educational Television, 1994. (85 min.)

An Alzheimer's Story. New York: Filmakers Library, 1985. (28 min.)

Another home for mom. by Lori Hope. Boston: Fanlight Productions, 1991. (28 min.)
Summary: Follows the case of Alzheimer's patient Jeanne Amos and her family as they cope with the problems of her care.

Bringing Out the Best (Dementia Programming and Activities series) Winston-Salem, NC: Partners in Caregiving, The Dementia Services Program, Bowman Gray School of Medicine of Wake Forest University, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine, 1994.4 videocassettes (ca. 356 min.)
Summary: A national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, provides technical assistance and grant support to help adult day centers develop and strenghthen innovative center-based, in-home, and other respite programs for people with chronic cognitive disorders - particularly dementia.
Contents: Tape 1. Direct care techniques (part 1) -- tape 2. Direct care techniques (part 2) -- tape 3. Activity ideas and resources -- tape 4. Adminstrative concerns.

Caregiving with Grace. by Susan Hadary Cohen and W.A. Whitford. Baltimore: Video Services, 1987. Videotaped ten years after the initial diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease, this documentary shows the daily care provided for Grace by her husband and a foster home. Grace now needs constant supervision and considerable assistance with activities of daily iving, personal hygiene, and the bathroom. She rarely speaks and does not follow conversations. Her husband and foster home caregiver share both practical and emotional solutions for caregiving with Grace.

Caring...Families Coping with Alzheimer's Disease. Chicago, IL: Alzheimer's Association, 1985. (28 min.)

Comfort for Alzheimer's Families. Robin Miller, Filmaker

Communication Strategies for Alzheimer's Patients. Geriatric Video Publications (30 min.)

Coping Skills Nashville: Life View Resources (The Educated Caregiver Series, v. 1)

Dealing with Alzheimer's disease: a common sense approach to communication St Paul: Ramsey Foundation, c1990. (21 min.) Funded by a grant from the Ramsey Foundation. Producer, Karen Feldt; writer/field producer, Kermit Cantwell. Summary: Discusses verbal and nonverbal communication techniques with Alzheimer's patients.

The Diary of Rozie Mock. by Henry Stephen Vogel. Eugene, OR: Showplace, 1990. (28 min)
Summary: Portrait of a woman who braved the mental and physical deterioration of her husband due to Alzheimer's disease. Presents interviews and excerpts from her diary to illuminate how she dealt with his condition.

Do you remember love? Los Angeles: Fries & Distribution, 1985. (28 min.)

Flowers for Peggy by Franklin K. Cassel. Lancaster, PA (Brethren Village, 3001 Lititz Pike) : F. Cassel, 1997. Prepared to be helpful to family and caregivers, Dr. Franklin K. Cassel shares his wife's story in this video, "Flowers for Peggy" by Tyler Speicher, a brief of Peggy's memorial service, and part of WGAL's 12:30 Live with Lori Burkholder.

Early onset memory loss: a conversation with Letty Tennis by Lisa P. Gwyther and Claiborne M. Clark. Durham, NC: Duke University, 1992. (22 min.)
Summary: Tennis and her husband relate how she learned about and copes, on a daily basis, with her memory loss due to an early onset of Alzheimer's.

Glass curtain. New York: Chase, 1983. (28 cm.)

Glenn's perspective on Grace. Baltimore, MD: Video Press, University of Maryland at Baltimore, 1990 (20 min.)
Participants: Glenn Kirkland, Grace Kirkland.
Summary: Describes the final months of caring for an Alzheimer's patient.

Grace. by Susan Hadary Cohen and W.A. Whiteford. Baltimore, Md.: Video Services, Dept. of Physical Therapy, School of Medicine, University of Maryland at Baltimore, 1990. (58 min.)
Participants: Glenn Kirkland, Grace Kirkland.
Summary: Overview of 13 years in an Alzheimer's patient's life including home care, and foster home care. The primary health care giver addresses the demands of the disease, both loss of cognitive and physical function, and the stages which lead to Grace's death.

In and Out of Time by Elizabeth Finlayson. Hohokus, NJ: New Day Films, 1996. (14 min.) Takes a sympathetic look, through a granddaughter's eyes, at some of the changes that Alzheimer's Disease brings to a family relationship as the past grows dimmer for her grandmother.

Living with Grace. Baltimore, MD: Video Services, Dept. of Physical Therapy, School of Medicine, University of Maryland at Baltimore, 1983. (28 min.)
Summary: Documents the life of Grace, a woman suffering from Alzheimer's disease, and shows the impact of the disease on her and her family. Shows how her husband copes with his wife's loss of memory, emotional swings, catastrophic reactions, and confusion.

Lost in the Mind: The Mystery of Alzheimer's Disease. Washington, D.C.: Don Lennox Productions, 1996. (90 min.)

Grandpa doesn't know it's me. Derry, NH: Chip Taylor Communications, 1995. (10 min.) Donna Guthrie series. An adaption of the 1986 monograph of the same title by Donna Guthrie and illustrated by Katey Keck Arnsteen. Producer, Chip Taylor ; editor/computer graphics, Jack Mooney. Summary: Touching story of a young girl coming to understand and live with her grandfather having Alzheimer's Disease. Audience level: Primary/Intermediate.

Losing it all, the reality of Alzheimer's Disease. New York: HBO Studio Productions: Distributed by Ambrose Video Publishing, 1991. (54 min.) HBO Project Knowledge Series. First aired on HBO on October 29, 1991. Producer-writer-director, Michael Mierendorf. Princess Yasmin Aga Khan, Michael Mierendorf. Summary: A devastating look at the impact of Alzheimer's disease on five victims and their families.

Managing with Alzheimer's Disease. Timamim, MD : Milner-Fenwick, 1983 (29 min.) Summary: A program for caregivers of Alzheimer's patients. Discusses the disease and core strategies, decisions, planning, and caregiver support.

My Promise To You: the Story of Robertson and Muriel McQuilkin. Grand Rapids, MI: Produced by RBC Ministries, 1999. 1 video cassette (27 min.)
Summary: Dave Burnham interviews Robertson McQuilkin concerning his life caring for his wife Muriel, a victim of Alzheimers disease, how the caregiving has impacted his life and the spiritual lessons he has learned in the process. Parts of the video were originally recorded on Nov. 13, 1993 in Columbia, SC. Contains sketches and paintings by Muriel McQuilkin and excerpts of her radio program titled Look up (1984). Aired as a Day of Discovery television program in May, 1999.

Not Alone in the World... Caring for Someone with Alzheimers. Schoolhouse Videos. (22 min.)

The Notebook (2004, winner of 11 awards!) click the title to see the trailer for a wonderful movie based on the book of the same title by Nicholas Sparks

The Other Victim: Coping & Caring Techniques for the Caregivers of Alzheimer's Patients. by Dick Bakkerud. Chapel Hill, NC: Health Sciences Consortium, 1987. (48 min.)
Depicts the difficult behavior of an Alzheimer's victim toward a home caregiver. Suggests ways for the caregiver to overcome the natural impulse to anger and deal with confrontations in a more productive ways.

Poppy's Head Australia: Angell Productions Pty Limited, 1998. (23 min.) Age 12-16. AFI Award (Australian Film Institute) 1998. Starring Australian actors Leslie Dayman and Jamie Croft.
Angell Productions Pty Limited,130 Brooklyn Road, Brooklyn, NSW, Australia 2083. $55.00.
Summary: A special relationship exists between 15 y.o. Zeb and his grandfather, known to everyone as "Poppy". Zeb's mum Karen supports the family by working so Zeb has come to rely on Poppy for company and guidance but the tables are turned when Poppy falls victim to a brain disease causing dementia. Zeb not only has to look after him but must also face bullying and taunting at school.

The Silent Epidemic. New York: Filmakers Library, 1982.

Someone I Love has Alzheimer's Disease. Newton, MA: Lifecycle Productions, 1993. (17 min.) Host/narrator: Shelley Fabares; Producer/director/director, Nancy Fernandez Mills; Produced for the Alzheimer's Association of Eastern MA. Summary: Discusses the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease and the effects that this disease has on children coping with a suffering family member. Shows interviews with children aged seven to fifteen as well as interactions between children and Alzheimer's patients.

Someone I once knew. Northbrook, IL: MTI Teleprograms, 1983. (30 min.)

Surviving Dementia. Pathway Productions. (38 min.)

There Were Times, Dear: about Living with Alzheimer's Disease. Los Angeles, CA: Direct Cinema Limited, 1986. (60 min.) Shirley Jones, Len Cariou. Camera, Brianne Murphy; editor, Ken Miller; music, Jay Gruska. Summary: Focuses on victim of Alzheimer's disease, Bob Millard, showing how his entire family suffered the devastating effects. By following the family over a period of several years, updates information on the disease and its treatment.

To care: a portrait of three older caregivers Boston, MA: Consumers Union, 1987. (28 min.) ISBN: 1572951737
Summary: Takes a look at the lives of three older adults who have chosen to take care of a disabled spouse or relative at home. This documentary portrays the mix of needs and emotions experienced by both the giver and the receiver of care: frustration that a spouse or relative can no longer function independently; the need of caregivers to maintain an active life outside the home; and the rewards they experience in realizing an unanticipated capacity to give.

Voices of Caregiving: Insights along The Way. Chicago, IL: Terra Nova Films, 1994. (32 min.)
Summary: Seven caregivers who participated in the Medicare Alzheimer's Project share their stories of caring, while offering insights to others who want to understand or assist caregivers.

When Someone You Love Has Alzheimer's: A Practical Guide for Caregivers Cypress, CA: Medcom, Inc., 1995. (32 min.)

Whispering hope: unmasking the mystery of Alzheimer's. New York: FBC Productions (136 East 57th St.; N.Y, N.Y. 10022. Phone: 212-838-6268 ) 1984. (52 min.)

You Must Remember This: Inside Alzheimer's DiseaseNew York, NY: Filmakers Library, 1992. (57 min.)
Summary: This program, filmed in Australia, interweaves the experiences of Alzheimer's patients and their families with commentary of human professionals; as each case unfolds, medical experts link the symptoms with the underlying neurological disorder.

Stress reduction films for Alzheimer's patients and caregivers are available from STB Videos.

Videos which will capture the attention of Alzheimer's patients and give the caregiver a much-needed respite are offered by Video Respite.

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