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A Year to Remember

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In Memory of
Wind Beneath My Wings"The Wind Beneath My Wings"

I'm Brenda S. Parris. In August 1994, I quit graduate school at Florida State and came home to Alabama to take care of my mother who had Alzheimer's Disease. I took care of her until the end of December 1995 when we put her in a nursing home. Then she died in April 1996.

I want to share all the information I can find about this disease because I know that knowledge is essential to being a good caregiver. Even those who are not caregivers need to know about this disease because almost everyone knows someone who has Alzheimer's, and probably most of us are at risk for getting it ourselves.

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Be sure to visit the Alzheimer's Association site to find your Find Your Local Chapter, and get your person with Alzheimer's registered for Safe Return. Find some helpful Caregiver Information - Don't miss the Personal Homepages and the Contributed Poetry - Take a break and listen to some Music, get some HTML Help. Caregivers, did you know, you are my HEROES?

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